Qwik Draw : The Latest Technology in Automotive Service Equipment

Providing the automotive service technician a safe means for handling hazardous material by offering the safest, easiest and fastest automotive fluid exchange equipment to use with confidence based on the latest technology in the automotive industry. The maintenance free, environmentally safe and zero downtime, Qwik Draw equipment allows the service technician to offer fast, efficient and continuous clean service of the highest and best quality that you can trust. 

Why Is Qwik Draw Unique?

The Qwik Draw is unique because it acts as 4 machines in one, providing four different functions. It

  1. Exchanges fluid (quick drain and refill)
  2. Flushes the system
  3. Pressure/vacuum tests for system leaks
  4. Prevents air pockets from forming.
  5. It has no pumps or moving parts and uses no electricity.







Key Ready


Why Change Continued

Antifreeze/Coolant experts have a warning for those neglecting their cooling systems. Most people have some idea that antifreeze/coolant helps prevent the radiator and cooling system from freezing up or boiling over. Few people understand that coolant also contains special chemical additives to prevent serious damage from rust and corrosion. However, over time, the additives wear out. This depleted coolant becomes acidic and can actually corrode the metals in the cooling system. There's where your trouble begins.








Can the Qwik Draw work on all cars and Trucks?

The large capacity of the Qwik Draw and the adaptability of its Universal Vacuum Nozzle (UVN) allow it to be used on any size domestic or foreign car or truck with a gasoline engine or small diesel engine with a sealed radiator system.

How many exchanges or flushes will it take to pay for the Qwik Draw?

If a modest 3 exchanges/flushes are performed a day at a low estimated price of $40 per exchange/flush, the Qwik Draw pays for itself in only four to five weeks, depending on the Qwik Draw model bought. Any exchanges/flushes beyond that time will result in recurring bottom line profit. The Current (Jan, 2011) average rate for a Coolant Exchange is $79-$89. One machine is fast enough to perform 10 or more Coolant Exchanges within a hour, Qwik Draw will make your money back in no time.

How much training is required to learn how to operate the Qwik Draw?

The Qwik Draw vacuums old coolant from the radiator, engine block, and heater core to the Old Coolant Tank through the radiator neck or reservoir tank and replaces it with new coolant from the New Coolant Tank in less than 5 minutes. Qwik Draw models with a flush tank also flush the cooling system with water and cleaning agent and then extract it. The Qwik Draw uses shop air to create a vacuum or build pressure in its tanks; no electric power is used.

How Long can a vehicle be kept running without fluid after the old coolant is extracted?

Anyone unfamiliar with the Qwik Draw can learn how to operate it in less than 10 minutes. The Qwik Draw is very simple and easy to understand and operate. The valve handles are color-coded and their positions on the control panel are well marked and easy to read. In addition, an easy to read, step-by-step instruction manual comes with each Qwik Draw as well as an embossed Qwik Step Diagram showing the positions of the valve handles on the control panel for each step of its operation.

Where is the Qwik Draw made?

The Qwik Draw was designed, developed, and is made in the U.S.A. It is very rugged and reliable and is made for heavy-duty use. It's sturdy steel framework and rustproof aluminum control panel are powder coated and its tanks are rated at 420 ps. The base and tank end caps are all rust proof aluminum.

Will the Qwik Draw work without shop air? How can it do that?

Yes, the Qwik Draw can work without shop air allowing it to be moved out of the service area to wherever the vehicle is parked to perform an environmentally safe coolant exchange. This can be done by using shop air to build a vacuum in the Old Coolant Tank and then turning the Tank Control Air Selector Valve to the Hold Air Vacuum/Pressure position. This holds the vacuum in the Tank and allows the shop air to be disconnected. The Qwik Draw can then be taken outside the shop to exchange the coolant in the Car or Truck!

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