Qwik Draw : The Latest Technology in Automotive Service Equipment

Providing the automotive service technician a safe means for handling hazardous material by offering the safest, easiest and fastest automotive fluid exchange equipment to use with confidence based on the latest technology in the automotive industry. The maintenance free, environmentally safe and zero downtime, Qwik Draw equipment allows the service technician to offer fast, efficient and continuous clean service of the highest and best quality that you can trust. 

Why Change your Power Steering?

The hydraulic fluid that transmits the power in your car's power steering system is called as power-steering fluid. Servicing the Power steering fluid too like other fluids involves draining it followed by adding fresh power steering fluid.

Do not go on the basis of costs when you judge the Power steering fluid's value.

Why Change?

Of all the fluids that go into your car's various systems perhaps the power steering fluid may turn out to be the cheapest. The fluid is the cheapest component of your power-steering system. However, it is this fluid that steers your car safely out of any trouble. in fact you could call the power steering fluid as the lifeline of your steering system.

Why Schedule Change?

What happens is that over a period of time, the various internal power-steering components as well as the seals, O-rings having been subjected to wear and tear tend to wear out. When this happens the power steering fluid gets contaminated with broken down debris forcing the power-steering pump to work harder. The power steering pump now has to pump the debris instead of fluid and no doubt it eventually breaks down. You are left poorer by several hundreds of dollars.








Preventive Maintenance Holds the Key

You may not become richer but definitely you will become poorer if you ignore the schedule printed on your owner's manual for changing power steering fluid. When it comes into preventive maintenance there are other issues too other than just following the schedule. You could be faced with other distress situations too some of which we list here:

  • In case while driving you hear an abnormal whining noise whenever you turn the steering wheel, get your power-steering system thoroughly checked. This could be the alarm bell sounding before the power-steering pump failure.
  • Do not take casually any leak. Immediately check your power-steering fluid level. Top it off if the level has fell. Don't end up ignoring this, otherwise your power steering fluid pump will be wrecked just because you made it run without fluid.
  • Change it as often as you would change your engine coolant. If your car requires "long-life" variety Power steering fluid then you have to change it every five years or 100,000 miles. FOr others, the change interval is every three years or 50,000miles.
  • You have to see the deterioration that has occurred to your power steering fluid and change that much fluid that was deteriorated. It's not necessary to change all of the power steering system's fluid to keep it in good condition.
  • Most likely, the power steering fluid will appear either amber (on most vehicles) or pink/red in color. Till it is retaining this color it is good. Any serious problem is indicated only when it appears significantly darker than new power steering fluid, this means it's time to change your PS Fluid

How Many Machines?

There are 13 Models of the Qwik Draw

Speed Draw
Fast Flush
Super Flush
Lg Diesel Fast
PS Flush

DOT Flush
DOC Flush
Gasoline Injector Cleaner
Diesel Injector Cleaner
Injector Cleaner