Qwik Draw : The Latest Technology in Automotive Service Equipment

Providing the automotive service technician a safe means for handling hazardous material by offering the safest, easiest and fastest automotive fluid exchange equipment to use with confidence based on the latest technology in the automotive industry. The maintenance free, environmentally safe and zero downtime, Qwik Draw equipment allows the service technician to offer fast, efficient and continuous clean service of the highest and best quality that you can trust. 

Refurbishment Plan

The Fast Flush below on average carried out about 15-25 flushes per day for 8 years. It's still in working condition and runs fine, but needs to be refurbished.

Refurbishment Program

Have you had your Qwik Draw Automotive Service Equipment for Years Now?

After years of using these machines to perform 10-50 flushes a day, normal wear and tear will occur, send your machine in after years of use!

Refurbishment Program

We will make your machine brand new again for a fraction of the cost to purchase it.

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